About Me

Celine Lai –  Jib Jab card

I am in Australia and have been using the free WordPress.com platform to blog, since 2012.

WordPress has helped me express my many interests, and is a great outlet for making your presence felt in the world-wide-web.

There are many web pages around and the learning pages of the WordPress company itself, which provide guidance or help on using WordPress.

However, I had not come across one single complete document with guidelines on setting up a WordPress.com website, before writing my Guidelines.

Most of the free information on the web relates to a SELF-HOSTED WordPress blog, which one pays for.  People who want to use “plug-ins” can go to WordPress.org (which IS different to WordPress.com) to download the WordPress software and a hosting plan.  This page  here  describes the differences between a WordPress.com site and using the services of WordPress.org.

I love researching, writing, blogging and helping others. I hope that my 77 page Guidelines can help someone reading this, to configure or set up their WordPress blog / website!

Please note the information in the Guidelines is accurate at the time of writing them, 2018, and to use the Guidelines you must have signed up or registered with WordPress for your website.


When registering with WordPress, don’t get bewildered with what type of website to choose. I recommend starting off with a Blog type (because you can always amend your WordPress Theme and site elements later).

The FREE WordPress platform is fantastic for anyone who wants to blog about a personal interest of theirs or to blog about their family (and they have the option of making their blog private and accessible only to certain viewers).

WordPress encourages people to buy paid Plans (personal / Premium or Business) and other people may suggest that you find a web host, and run a self-hosted WordPress website.

However, unless you are a professional business that needs additional functions and / or web space that a WordPress site on a paid WordPress plan, or that a third party hosting service provides, you do NOT need to pay for a WordPress Plan or for Hosting!

When you sign up with the WordPress.com platform, for a FREE blog, the default sign-up page will be set up to encourage you to pay for a Plan, but you do NOT have to pay.  Click  HERE  for detailed instructions on how to sign up with WordPress.com for a FREE site.

Read some of my WordPress Blogs, by scrolling down to the bottom of this page for the links.  

Enjoy my Guidelines, and Happy Blogging!