What is WordPress?

WordPress is an internet based “content management system’ that provides a platform for hobbyists, family and businesses to set up a professional looking website and blog.  Blog Posts that give news or updates or new articles of information can be posted to provide important and interesting information, and readers can follow your blog.

WordPress has helped me express my many interests, and is a great outlet for making your presence felt in the world-wide-web.  I have been using the free WordPress.com platform to blog, since 2012.  Information on WordPress.com versus WordPress.org can be found at my other blog, by clicking  here .

By using my 75 page Guidelines on how to use the free WordPress platform, you could potentially save hours of your time by simply looking up what you need and finding the relevant content and instruction, to quickly set up your WordPress Blog.

The Guidelines refer to several good examples of different WordPress sites to assist you, and saves you the time it takes to trawl through the different pages of instructions spread around the internet, as the Guidelines are written in a logical flow, guiding a new WordPress user from the beginning to the end of setting up their website blog.

Enjoy your blogging, and please share this information and the link.  Use a Sharing Button or the Reblog button or Press this, to help me help other WordPress Users.  Thank you.

Get your WordPress Guidelines – click on the link below. Please keep in mind that since I wrote the Guidelines, WordPress has started using the Gutenberg Editor so the Guidelines don’t cover this new editing function, BUT I have written about how to use the new Editor on my blog (so look for the blog post).