Popular Posts Page

When I started writing my own original articles for Blog Posts on my main WordPress website Fascinating Animals  I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my earlier Blog Posts about  Animal Taxonomy  became very popular.

I said to myself at some point of time even though my Blog had the widget for Top Posts & Pages could I not create my own Category being Popular Posts?

So I did.  I created a new Page in 2012 and pasted in the links of 8 Posts that were attracting a wide range of many visitors.  You can see it on my website Fascinating Animals if you like.

The graphic above is a snapshot taken today 17 February 2018 showing the statistics or hits for this Page since I created it.

I love statistics and come from a scientific background, having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Biology and a Post-graduate Diploma in Social Research and Evaluation among other courses of formal study.

However to date I have not done any analysis on the stats for this Popular Posts page.

At a glance I can tell that 2014 was a “good year” for amounts of visitors to this Page, then the visits or “hits” to this page dropped off.   As a Blogger gathering intel for her WordPress Blog, what does this mean to me??

Well, nothing really because I blog because I love to do so, not so I can get freshly pressed or have the highest number of Followers or visitors, none of that.  Let’s see if by the close of 2018 this Popular Posts Page will have around 20 views, which yes I know is hardly any spread out over 12 months but too bad, that is not my goal.   I am guessing the average of 2016 and 2017 visits will be the Stat for this year.

Of course a smarty Statistician may look at the number of Posts that I posted in each year and come up with a correlation coefficient or a hypothesis of number (?) of Blog Posts published in a year impacting upon number of visits to this Page.

Anyhow the Stats show that this Page that I created is not being not read at all, and I’m happy with that.

Read about the PiXie at my Fascinating Animals blog.