Why I blog

I started off with Blogger and web blogs (or blogs) a long time ago, to write my random thoughts and events, which included things like Menus for my cat.  Once I made him tiny hamburgers from a book of recipes for cats, and found the burgers so scrummy that I ate most of them and my poor cat had little.

Then I moved onto MySpace which had a beautiful interface for musicians and artists to share their information and updates.  I didn’t stay with it for long because there were not many personal events that I wanted to blog about on MySpace.

I had come from a background of using the BBS or Bulletin Board Systems and ICQ an early instant messaging system, then moved onto Forums, based upon Yuku and Ning.

Then I found WordPress and in 2012 I started using the FREE WordPress.com platform to write articles about animals, a fond interest of mine.   This blog has “taken off” with many views and although lately my posting rate there has fallen of, I still am very satisfied with my Fascinating Animals Blog, especially as it show-cases my beloved cat Shandy, whom passed away in February 2016.

I love writing and blogging and sharing my interests and my knowledge.  The free WordPress site is good enough for me, and I’ve even written my own 77 pages of instructions on how to use WordPress.   I have contributed alot to society through my writing of instructions, even with using social media alternatives to Facebook, i.e. for working with MeWe.

I like to think that for a small fee ( less if you’re in the UK or the USA ) that someone will buy and use my Guidelines to quickly get them going with WordPress.

Thank you for reading this.