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The Guidelines have been written for setting up and maintaining a FREE WordPress blog.

The PDF format Guidelines include links to sites on the internet, including Blogs which can be looked at as examples of WordPress Blogs. Once you click on a link and navigate to a website page, you can return to your PDF document via going to the Adobe Acrobat application in your Task  Bar (shown as the last icon in the picture below).


After you have worked with the Guidelines, feel free to email me up to a maximum of 3 questions about using WordPress –

Read the first two pages of the Guidelines for FREE

Use of the Guidelines is based upon the user having an adequate internet connection in order to work with WordPress and having the ability to read and follow or apply the instructions.

You can see the Table of Contents for the Guidelines, and read the first few pages of it free, at this page  here .

Format:  PDF  ( 3.4MB ) *

Access:  Instant download

Click  HERE  to access the Guidelines.

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  • If you need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF documents, click here  (un-tick all the options i.e. the Chrome extension and optional offers) and if you don’t have Windows 10, click on the link “Do you have a different language or operating system?” and choose your operating system.